How the process works


Develop a
housing goal

Decide how and where you would like to live. This includes:

  • Location and type of home (apartment, villa, house).
  • Whether you want to live on your own or with others.
  • What features in the home would allow you to live more independently.

Join the

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) helps people with disability get the support, services and care they need.
You can use the NDIS if you are:

  • Aged 0 to 65.
  • Live in Australia and have Australian residency.
  • Have a permanent disability that means you need help in your everyday life.

To find out if you’re eligible, call 1800 800 110 or visit the NDIS website at


Add housing
to your NDIS plan

You will need an NDIS plan which outlines your goals and what needs to be done for you to achieve your goals.

Your NDIS Support Coordinator will help you consider any gaps in your current supports and how they link to your goals. The NDIS (not Speck) will decide if you are eligible for SDA funding and how much funding you are entitled to receive.


Find your

Start searching and applying for homes you like. Your Support Coordinator can assist you to compare housing options, submit applications and negotiate a tenancy.

Speck will process your application and check the SDA home is a good match for you. As part of the process, we’ll meet you, invite you to visit the house, and meet your support team.


Move in

We will work with you and your support team to help you transition into your new SDA home. This process is carefully managed. It takes time to make sure everything is in place when you get there, and you have a good experience.

You will need to enter into an SDA Residency Agreement or Tenancy Agreement with us. This is required by law to protect your rights.

Enjoy your new home!

With you every
Speck of the way

Frequently asked questions

Who pays for SDA and how much does it cost?

The NDIS determines the amount of funding a person receives and how it can be spent through an assessment process managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

The price of SDA is set by the NDIS and varies depending on the location and design of the dwelling. In most instances, Speck can only charge the price of SDA as set by the NDIS. However, there are rare exceptions. The SDA funding covers the cost of building and maintaining the property to a standard that meets design and access requirements of the residents and ensures it’s kept in a good state of repair.

SDA does not cover rent:
SDA funding does not include rent, which is a seperate cost to be met by the resident. If the resident receives a disability support pension, the NDIS says that rent may not be more than 25 percent of the disability support pension.

SDA does not cover utilities and living costs:
SDA funding does not cover the cost of utilities. Connection fees, usage and any other charges for utilities must be paid for by the resident. Groceries and other personal items are also the responsibility of the tenant.

Other costs not covered by SDA:
SDA funding does not cover furniture, personal assistive technology such as wheelchairs, hoist attachments and other items required by the person because of their disability.

I want to apply for an SDA vacancy, but I don't have SDA funding in my NDIS Plan - what should I do?

You can’t move into an SDA dwelling until you have the appropriate level of funding approved for SDA and support services in your NDIS plan. The first person to speak to is your NDIS planner or Local Area Coordinator to arrange an SDA assessment. This may take some time.

You may lodge an ‘Expression of Interest’ form with Speck, for current or upcoming vacant SDA dwellings, however we cannot speed up or influence the decision of the NDIS regarding your funding approval.

Who is eligible for SDA?

You may be eligible for SDA funding if you are an NDIS participant who has an extreme functional impairment or high supports needs. If you think you may qualify for SDA funding, talk to your Support Coordinator, NDIS planner or Local Area Coordinator to arrange an assessment.

What does SDA funding cover and who pays it?

SDA funding is designed to stimulate investment in the development of high-quality housing for eligible NDIS participants.

Funding is only available to a small proportion of NDIS participants, who receive the funds to pay to live in a purpose-built SDA home.

Payments are made directly to the provider of an SDA property by the NDIA through NDIS My Place while an SDA participant is living in the dwelling.

SDA funding covers the capital costs of owning and operating the house and land in which the tenant lives and receives supports.

SDA is not rent. The tenant pays rent to the SDA property owner. They are also responsible for their living costs such as rent, groceries and utility bills.

Find out more on the NDIS website.

What if I'm found to be ineligible for SDA?

SDA funding is only available to a small proportion of NDIS participants. Most access housing in the private real estate market by renting, owning a home or through social and affordable housing schemes.

Social and affordable housing programs include:

  • Housing programs for people on low incomes. These programs are managed differently in each state.
  • Commonwealth Rent Assistance, a payment through the Department of Human Services that assists eligible participants with the cost of housing.
  • The National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) is creating additional affordable rental properties.

My situation has changed, and I need SDA urgently, what can I do?

If your circumstances change after an SDA assessment, you can request a priority review of your NDIS Plan. Call your NDIS Planner or Support Coordinator; they can arrange a review for you.

If you have health problems, you should see your doctor or visit your nearest hospital.

Can I apply for an SDA vacancy without SDA funding?

We cannot formally offer you an SDA tenancy until you have the appropriate SDA funding and Supported Independent Living (SIL) approved in your NDIS plan.

In the meantime, you may lodge an Expression of Interest with us to be contacted about vacancies.

NDIS did not approve SDA funding in my plan. Can I have the decision reviewed?

If you believe you have received an unfair or inappropriate funding decision, you can make a complaint to the NDIS Commission. Visit the NDIS website for more information.